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Average Daily Gain, AST and Blood Nitrogen Urea (BUN) Responses of Bali Beef on Cocoa Waste Extract Supplement

H. M. Ali1, G. Alam2,3, J. A Syamsu2,3 , Salengke2,3, and M. A Asja2,3
1.Animal Science Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
2.Pharmacy Faculty, Animal Husbandry Faculty, Agriculture Faculty of Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indoneisa
3.Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Sulawesi Barat University, Majene, Indoneisa

Abstract—The research aimed to identify blood plasma AST, BUN, Triglyceride and average daily gain (ADG) responses of Bali beef on cocoa pod husk (CPH) extracts supplementations. 15 males of Bali beef in fattening premises were divided according to feed treatments; group A1 with normal feed; A2 CPH meal (CPH-M); A3= CPH crud (CPH-CE); A4= high theobromine CPH (CPH-T); A5= high polyphenol CPH (CPH-P). Blood collection and body weighting held one day before treatment (B1); B2= 24 h; B3= 14 d; B4= 28 d; 42 d later. Result show that there was no significant difference in ADG values within all treatments, although the control and CPH-P had higher ADG at 14-56d of treatment. The blood AST activity were same (P>0.05) in control, CPH-M and CPH-C and significantly higher (P<0.05) than CPH-T and CPH-P Thus preliminary parameters implied that utilizing of CPH as feed for Bali beef didn’t indicate any negative effect.

Index Terms—cocoa waste extract, CPH, Bali beef, ADG, BUN, Urea

Cite: H. M. Ali, G. Alam, J. A Syamsu, Salengke, and M. A Asja, "Average Daily Gain, AST and Blood Nitrogen Urea (BUN) Responses of Bali Beef on Cocoa Waste Extract Supplement," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 5-9, June 2014. Doi: 10.12720/joaat.1.1.5-9

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