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Goat Farm Performance in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Reynaldo L. Intong 1, Julnar E. Pepito 1, Jhonny M. Callejo 1, and Emilio M. Cruz 2
1. Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines
2. Central Luzon State University
Abstract—Goat has always a place in most of the farming systems in the Philippines. It may have a minor role, but their importance in the rural life had long been recognized, so that the condition in which they are kept must be assessed. A study was conducted to evaluate the performance of backyard and commercial farms in the northern Mindanao Region. Provinces included were Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental. Site identification was based on goat population. The following were gathered from 34 backyard and 5 commercial farms: average doe per farm, kidding index, kidding size, kidding interval, type of birth, sex ratio of kids, birth status, of kids, average daily gain and mortality. Average number of doe per farm for backyard is 7 and 34 for commercial. There is a lower kidding index and kid size as against the national average both for backyard and commercial. Kidding intervals in the backyard is shorter than the national average, but the commercial is longer by 13.63 days than the national. Birth type for backyard is dominated by single tone followed by twins and triplets. The commercial has similar trend on birth types. Backyard had higher percentage of kids born alive (99%) than commercial (96.55%) Kids in the Region have better growth performance than the national average both in backyard and commercial. Mortality among kids in the backyard below 1 month is higher while in the commercial highest mortality was in kids 1-3 months old. Results of the evaluation of goat farm performance showed that the major problems in goat raising in the region are poor kid performance, poor dam performance and high mortality. However, a lot of technological options which are products of previous researches are already available and can be delivered to goat raisers.

Index Terms—goat, kidding index, kidding interval, kid size, growth performance

Cite: Reynaldo L. Intong, Julnar E. Pepito, Jhonny M. Callejo, and Emilio M. Cruz, "Goat Farm Performance in Northern Mindanao, Philippines," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 123-128, June 2018. Doi: 10.18178/joaat.5.2.123-128
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