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Design and Experiment of Auto Vertical Washing Equipment for Seedling Tray

Kai Li, Xiaopeng Du, Yilei Yin, and Yong Hou
Academy of Agricultural Planning and Engineering, Beijing, China
Key Laboratory of Farm Building in Structure and Construction, Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing, China

Abstract—Driven by the current international standardization of seedling cultivation technology, facility seedling cultivation in China has gradually changed to industrialization. Seedling tray has become the main carrier of seedling cultivation, and the large number of tray recycling is an inevitable trend. In view of the problems that the existing seedling tray cleaning equipment needs to be soaked before washing with water, poor circulating water quality, secondary adhesion and so on, the vertical spray-washing seedling tray flushing mode, combined with the secondary filtration cycle, can achieve the cleaning effect and reduce the water consumption at the same time. Through research on equipment performance, it is determined that under the condition of 8 m3/h, 0.58MPa water pump, the maximum nozzle pipeline pressure of 0.31MPa can be achieved by selecting nozzles with an inner diameter of 1.1mm and a spray angle of 65°, and a 3×4 array arrangement. When the conveying speed is 91mm/s, the cleaning rate reaches 95.28%. By using 80-mesh stainless steel orifice plate to filter water, when the cleaning water flow is greater than 3 m3/h, the cleaning water level can be kept stable and the water quality is good. The design effectively improves the efficiency of seedling tray cleaning, meets the need of reuse and cleaning of seedling tray, and has reached the popularization and application.
Index Terms—seedling tray, washing equipment, PIPENET simulation, design and experiment

Cite: Kai Li, Xiaopeng Du, Yilei Yin, and Yong Hou, "Design and Experiment of Auto Vertical Washing Equipment for Seedling Tray," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 20-25, June 2022. Doi: 10.18178/joaat.9.1.20-25

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