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Effect of Climate Change Perception on Production and Identification of Adaptation Strategies: Case of Professional Poultry Farmers in Segou, Mali

Mahamadou Soumaila Konte 1 and Boubacar Mariko 2
1. Department of Agroeconomics, Faculty of Agronomy and Animal Medicine, University of Ségou, Mali
2. Department of Animal Production and Health, Faculty of Agronomy and Animal Medicine, University of Ségou, Mali

Abstract—This study analyzed poultry farmers’ Climate Change (CC) perception and its effects on poultry production and identified the adaptation strategies in Ségou, Mali. The data collection was exhaustive, 72 registered farmers. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to analyze farmers’ CC perception and Tobit model to determine its effects on production. The perception on “motivation” was rejected for nonconformity. The analysis showed noncollinearity and the Tobit model adequacy. The results showed a dominance of individual entrepreneurs and family businesses at 72% and 26% respectively. Among producers 96% heard of CC but 89% did not participated in any training. CC-related disasters affected 95% of farmers and only 3% received help. Innovation, reliance on information and the perception of the effect of CC on mortality and loss of production influenced positively the production while the perception of the effects of CC on growth and development of animals influenced it negatively. Contrary to income from off-farm activities 2 socio-economic variables also positively affected production, namely the number of children and the number of wives. The study recommends strong involvement of Malian authorities against the effects of CC through promotion of pro-environmental techniques and technologies, training, financial support to overcome disasters.

Index Terms—climate change, perception, adaptation, poultry farming, Likert scale, Tobit, factor analysis

Cite: Mahamadou Soumaila Konte and Boubacar Mariko, "Effect of Climate Change Perception on  Production and Identification of Adaptation  Strategies: Case of Professional Poultry Farmers  in Segou, Mali," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 71-76, December 2022. Doi: 10.18178/joaat.9.2.71-76

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