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Response of Potted Tomato on CRH-Treated Oxisols

Mario C. Nierras
College of Agriculture, Naval State University-Biliran Campus, Biliran, Biliran Province, Philippines
Abstract—This experiment evaluated the effects of Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH) on the agronomic and fruiting performance of potted tomatoes. The pots were arranged using completely randomized design with four replications. ANOVA and LSD were used to determine differences among treatments and differences within treatments, respectively. Results indicate that oxisols applied with 10 g of complete fertilizer in a 5:5 CRH-Soil ratio (T3) got the significantly tallest plant height and fruit yield compared to oxisols that received also 10 g of complete fertilizer but without CRH (control). But plant heights and fruit yields of T3 and T2 (3:7 CRH-Soil ratio) were not statistically different. The control treatment (T0) had the shortest increase in plant height and produced the least fruit yield. Plant height was particularly significant from the sixth week of measurement. Prior plant heights (first to fifth week) were not statistically different among treatments. Such result could be due to the fact that CRH being a form of organic matter requires more time to react with the soil. Mixing the soil with CRH was seen as a cheaper and practical method of improving the productivity of the marginal condition of some agricultural lands. The application of CRH to infertile and highly acidic soils is a good alternative in enhancing the usefulness of problem soils.
Index Terms—biochar, rice hull, soil conditioner, soil fertility, soil remediation

Cite: Mario C. Nierras, "Response of Potted Tomato on CRH-Treated Oxisols," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 27-31, March 2019. Doi: 10.18178/joaat.6.1.27-31
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