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Antioxidant Capacity of Giant Embryo Rice Seonong 17 and Keunnunjami

Soo Im Chung, Lara Marie P. Lo, Su Jin Nam, Xingyue Jin, and Mi Young Kang
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Brain Korea 21 Plus, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea
Abstract—The antioxidant capacity of giant embryo brown rice Seonong 17 and Keunnunjami, in comparison with that of the normal embryo brown rice, was investigated. The rice grains were extracted with 70% ethanol and their antioxidant activity and components were analyzed. Compared with the normal brown rice, the giant embryo rice samples showed higher free radical scavenging, reducing power, ferrous chelating, xanthine oxidase inhibitory, and superoxide dismutase-like activities. Between the two giant embryo rice samples, Keunnunjami rice exhibited greater antioxidant activity than Seonong 17 rice. The total phenolic and total flavonoid contents were highest in Keunnunjami and lowest in normal embryo rice, indicating that these functional components are related to the high antioxidant activity observed in Keunnunjami. These findings provide significant information on the antioxidant potential of Seonong 17 and Keunnunjammi giant embryo rice cultivars. Keunnunjami, in particular, could be a good source of natural antioxidants and may be beneficial as a functional biomaterial in the development of food products with strong antioxidant capacity.
Index Terms—antioxidant activity, giant embryo rice, Keunnunjami, Seonong 17

Cite: Soo Im Chung, Lara Marie P. Lo, Su Jin Nam, Xingyue Jin, and Mi Young Kang, "Antioxidant Capacity of Giant Embryo Rice Seonong 17 and Keunnunjami," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 94-98, June 2016. Doi: 10.18178/joaat.3.2.94-98
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