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Engineering an Improved Coconut Processing System in the Philippines at the Farm-Level

Lola Domnina B. Pestaño 1,2 and Wilfredo I. Jose 3
1. Chemical Engineering Department, University of Santo Tomas, Manila 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines
2. National Graduate School of Engineering, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City 1101 M. M., Philippines
3. Department of Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City1101 M. M., Philippines
Abstract—The traditional methods of copra processing such as sun-drying and smoke-drying are still generally implemented in the Philippines by coconut manufacturers. These methods produce aflatoxin and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) in copra and crude coconut oil (CNO) that resulted to very low prices of copra-related products in the world market. This research aims to improve the quality of the products of the Philippine coconut manufacturing industries by employing modern design engineering and technology to coconut processing that would develop high-value exportable coconut products. The Wijose Process of coconut processing developed for the production of copra, milk and dietary flour resulted to 94.7% recovery of the coconut fruit parts and waste materials. Seven mathematical models were examined to describe the drying behavior of coconut meat slices at 60, 70 and 80oC. The modified combined decomposition model (MCDM) gave the best fit with high coefficient of determination value. Solid fuel was produced by torrefaction from dried coconut leaves that significantly improved its heating value compared to that of the untreated biomass. A coconut processing plant was developed based on the conceptual design of the Wijose Process. 
Index Terms—aflatoxin, coconut oil (CNO), copra, copra cake, torrefaction, Wijose Process

Cite: Lola Domnina B. Pestaño and Wilfredo I. Jose, "Engineering an Improved Coconut Processing System in the Philippines at the Farm-Level," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 58-62, March 2016. Doi: 10.18178/joaat.3.1.58-62
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