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Timeline Effects of Vocal Instructions from Computer Programs on Agricultural Technical Teaching

Shinji Kawakura1 and Ryosuke Shibasaki2
1.Center for Spatial Information Science, The Graduate School of University of Tokyo / Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, Japan
2.Department of Socio-Cultural and Socio-Physical Environmental Studies, The University of Tokyo / Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, Japan
Abstract—Recently, real agricultural workers on general outer farmlands have had serious difficulties in lecturing their traditional manual skills to young, inexperienced workers. We have researched traditional, manual daily tasks of agricultural workers, and developed promising application systems. In terms of passing on traditional skills, we have been focused on wearable sensing systems to send useful vocal instructions (VIs) to improve the actions and postures of inexperienced workers synchronously. Time-line data of physical acceleration and angular velocity were recorded with directly attached sensors on the lower arms, chest and waist of users and the hoe that they hold. Further-more, these data were sent to original programs installed on a laptop computer in a knapsack on the back of the user. And, while those data were logged by programs, calculated by various statistical and human dynamics methods in aforementioned programs, VIs recorded originally previously by us were also sent. To improve and reform the agricultural techniques of inexperienced workers, and to maintain the safety of users, VIs is provided through an earphone. The thresholds of various analyses were based on accumulated and analyzed time-series of data obtained in preliminary trials. We also obtained visual data, and executed optical flow analysis by combining the techniques of statistics using programs based on Open CV. By reviewing them totally, we confirmed the validity and usefulness of our system, which can assist inexperienced users to make their motions close to the experienced worker. However, the same time, the unselfconscious motions of experienced workers are totally more effective and sophisticated. From these results and work products, we believe the precise measuring and judging those motions will heighten workers skills and their safety level. And those will be significant.

Index Terms—wearable sensing system, real-time vocal instruction, detecting crisis, tradition of skill, optical flow analysis.

Cite: Shinji Kawakura and Ryosuke Shibasaki, "Timeline Effects of Vocal Instructions from Computer Programs on Agricultural Technical Teaching," Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp.104-112, December 2014. Doi: 10.12720/joaat.1.2.104-112
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